In a Nutshell..

Learning is a process, to bring out the best in the student's life.
We create a platform that enables teachers, parents and all stakeholders to deliver their best as input.


..aggregates all departments. Smart data mining and reporting tools like comprehensive student profile, office documents as personalized (mail-merged) letters to parents and leaving certificates, etc.

The Learning Process

..exams and academic progression. Easy and distributed operative tools for marks entry and analysis, discipline tracking, and real-time comprehensive reports to teachers and parents/guardians.

Fees and Accounts

..runs the school, giving timely informative reports, in check with compliance. Accounting principles automatically in action to produce end-reports as cashbook, trial balance and balance sheet, all from simple receipting and payment procedures.

Co-curricular and more..

..adds love and passion to the system. Keep records of clubs and societies, sports and athletics, student leadership, guidance and counselling, accomodation and more. Ask the parent/guardian - they all count.

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