On user demand, JBS has integrated with it fingerprint-authentication! This is a new feature in v8.1 and above, enabling system users to authenticate operations with biometrics.

While JBS integrates perfectly with ZKteco and digitalPersona fingerprint scanners, other types can also be used.
With JBS v8.1, use fingerprint authentication to:-

  • - Login to the system for system users (teachers and other staff)
  • - Keep a daily check in and check out time record for each staff member and students - attendance sub-system. See Attendance software
  • - Option to send an SMS message to the parent upon check in or check out of a student. See Attendance software
  • - Also available is the option to send a message to the principal on staff members check in and check out
  • - Auto-mark the class registers for student-attendance registers in the term or year
  • - Students identify themselves by fingerprints when withdrawing pocket money
  • - All this is integrated to indicate attendance report of staff and students on their profiles and report forms
  • - The JBS Attendance Software sums this up.