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JBS File Sharing Service

A solution to share files and documents to students in this corona pandemic period, and later during holidays, is finally out!

This service, made as a bot, is accessible on the...

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JBS USSD : *483*444#

Parents in JBS member schools can now access exam results and more by dialing *483*444#.

This is in addition to the communication channels already availed for the school frat...

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Welcome to JBS v8

JBS community is one that is self-sustaining, with a team that works to adapt our systems to the evolving needs of the members.

In version 8 of this e-Learning and Management...

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Annual SMS Subscription

Expanding the convenience of using JBS, we now introduce SMS subscription as a package to ease communication by SMS

In addition to Pay As You Use method, JBS for Sch...

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Fingerprint authentication with JBS

On user demand, JBS has integrated with it fingerprint-authentication! This is a new feature in v8.1 and above, enabling system users to authenticate operations with biometrics.


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User Manual v9

With JBS v9.0 and above, here comes the illustrated User Manual for smooth set up and use of the JBS ERP for Schools.

The manual illustrates with screenshots and diagrams on ho...

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Syncing data for online access

Parents, teachers and students can access JBS data remotely through the online portal or JBS on teleg...

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Creating a timetable

The simple process of generating a timetable starts with having required data in to JBS System, on Registration menu. Register all subjects, including non-examinable ones like P.E, indicat...

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Setting up JBS and simple troubleshooting

JBS is very simple to setup, either for a first time or updating your systems. On downloading the required files from the Downloads section of this website, it is as simple as running the...

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Analyzing exams with JBS System

This article will take you through the process of analyzing exam results with JBS. We shall start from registration of students into a class, lesson allocations, marks entry and to ...

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JBS App Released!

Now you can access academic analytics, account status and much more through the JBS app on you smartphone...

Access the following through the app:-

Configuring Computers on Local Area Network

JBS, being an ERP for schools will require establishment of Local Area Network if all its functionalities are to be utilized conveniently in all school offices.

The database so...

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JBS - MPesa Integration

..and on latest developments, JBS is now integrated with M-Pesa. In v7.8.7 and later, we add this feature that allows payment transactions by M-Pesa be reflected directly into JBS, rea...

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